Pique your creativity by adding a minor to your degree.

Minors are designed around a theme, subject or topic to enhance student learning by providing designated pathways through the undergraduate curriculum. Minors are typically interdisciplinary and not intended as "mini-majors" in a program area, but rather they bring together thematic clusters within the curriculum and to provide access to these areas of interest and development to all students at the University.

Typically comprised of 18 credits (with 9 required credits plus 9 credits selected from a list of relevant elective options) each Minor identifies a cluster of second and third year courses that focus on a specific theme or practice which allow for a historical, theoretical and practical understanding of a given area of study.

Please note: Emily Carr minors are only available to students admitted to an Emily Carr undergraduate program.

  • Students may not extend their time in order to complete a minor.
  • A double minor is not permitted.