Faculty Funding Resources

A) Funding Opportunities

Research in the form of creative and scholarly activity is an important part of the Emily Carr Community. The Research + Industry Office is responsible for promoting and assisting with the research activity of Faculty and graduate students. Making our research activities strong and visible helps us attract great students and recruit new Faculty members.  It allows students to learn research thinking through participation in projects, often as research assistants or co-op students. It allows faculty to grow their practice, and to incorporate the latest in research thinking into their courses.

Both regular and non-regular faculty at Emily Carr can apply for external funding for their research projects. However, for projects that have a year or more duration period, non-regular faculty are encouraged to partner with regular faculty as co-investigators or collaborators. SSHRC requires principal investigators to be affiliated with an institution.  All faculty members are encouraged to contact the Research + Industry Office and visit the funding agency sites below for more information on research grants:

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

An overview of SSHRC grants available to Emily Carr faculty can be found here: Summary_SSHRC_grants_info_April2021.pdf Please note that deadlines are confirmed on an annual basis.

Note: Faculty planning to apply for SSHRC grants must follow Emily Carr's internal deadlines as the institution reviews, approves and submits research proposals. For the most updated schedule of the Research + Industry Office deadlines please contact us at research@ecuad.ca

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research (NSERC)

An overview of NSERC grants available to Emily Carr Faculty can be found here: Summary_NSERC_grants_info_deadlines.pdf

 Canada Council for the Arts                            

An overview of Canada Council for the Arts grants available to Emily Carr Faculty can be found here: Summary_CCA_grants_info_deadlines.pdf

Other possible funding agencies:

BC Arts Council                                               
Vancouver Foundation                                    
Canadian Heritage       

Internal Research Funding for Faculty Members

  1. Ian Gillespie Design and Dynamic Media Research Grants and Ian Gillespie Design and Dynamic Media Technology Fund.Through a generous donation by Ian Gillespie, Emily Carr University is able to to fund research projects that further our knowledge in Design and Dynamic Media, and to provide equipment/technology to support that research. Criteria and application guidelines: Ian Gillespie Design Research Grants and Ian Gillespie Design Technology Fund.pdf
  2. SSHRC Institutional Grants (SIG). Through an institutional grant provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and additional funding provided by the Research + Industry Office we can offer grants to support small-scale reearch and iddesmination related travel and other knowledge mobilization activities.

These funds are provided in the form of two types of grants: SSHRC Explore Grants and SSHRC Exchange Grants.

SSHRC Explore Grants

- Up to $7,000;
- Projects up to 1 year in duration;
- Projects should not be fundable under the Ian Gillespie Design and Dynamic Media Research Grants program;
- Support social sciences and humanities researchers with modest research funding requirements at any stage of career;
- Allow for small-scale innovation and experimentation by providing funding to develop a research project or conduct pilot work; and
- Enable Researchers to hire students at any level to participate in their research projects thereby contributing to their professional development.

Criteria and application guidelines are included in the annual calls.

SSHRC Exchange Grants

- Up to $3,000;
- Support the organization of small-scale knowledge mobilization activities, such as workshops and seminars, in order to encourage collaboration and the dissemination of research results both within and beyond the academic community; and
- Allow researchers to attend or present their research at scholarly conferences and other dissemination venues that align with SSHRC's mandate in order to advance their careers and encourage the exchange of ideas and research results at the national and international level.

Criteria and application guidelines are included in the annual calls.

B) Grant Support + Resources

Support Services:

Information sessions: The Research + Industry Office will offer dedicated information sessions for each specific SSHRC grant available to our faculty.

Research Community events (Research Conversations): The Research + Industry Office will continue to schedule informal, networking meetings for researchers and faculty interested to discuss their research projects and looking for possible partnering opportunities.

Grant writing: The Research + Industry Office can offer support with grant writing.

Proposal Reviews: The Research + Industry Office can help you get feedback on your proposal prior to submission by an internal peer review process. This will be a voluntary option, but deadlines will apply. Please contact the RIO for more information (research@ecuad.ca)


One-on-one consultations: Any researcher thinking of submitting a research proposal for either external or internal funding can contact the RIO to discuss their plans with the Director of Research Administration + Operations and find out how the RIO can support them.

Grant proposal samples: The RIO has samples of successful grant proposals that we can share with applicants.

Presentation materials: We keep copies of our presentations as well as SSHRC webinars which are available to researchers