Informed Consent


Tools for Informed Consent in Participant Research and Creative Projects

Research needs to be defined clearly in an informed consent process, from invitation through to publication of results.  Therefore, the content of consent documents need to be modified to accurately describe specific activities. The following checklist and templates are provided by the ECU-REB to use as guidelines.

INFORMED CONSENT CHECKLIST 201.1 (Mandatory) - Use this checklist to ensure that your consent and release documents meet the requirements of Canada's TCPS2 (Tri-Council Policy Statement Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, 2018). While it is mandatory that this tool be consulted to ensure that the consent documents are complete, it does not need to be included with the research ethics application.


INVITATION / CONSENT FORM TEMPLATE 201.3 (Optional) - This template provides line-by-line suggestions for a invitation and consent form that meets TCPS2 standards.

TEMPLATE 201.3.doc

INVITATION / CONSENT and ASSENT FORM  TEMPLATE 201.4 (Optional) - This template includes wording that might work for some children who can read but are not old enough to provide legal consent. Ensure that modifications are written to meet the specific needs of the anticipated research participants.

TEMPLATE 201.4.doc

RELEASE AGREEMENT TEMPLATE 201.5 (Optional) - This template can be used for the release of photographs, digital images, video, audio recordings, or other identifiable information of the research participants or of their property. Publishers or partner organizations may have release agreements that can be used instead. If the research project does not make public any identifiable information (for example, if all of the publically available data is completely annonymous), this form is not necesary.

TEMPLATE 201.5.doc

INFORMED CONSENT FOR ON-LINE SURVEYS TEMPLATE 201.7 (Optional) - This template offers instruction on how to construct an on-line survey preamble. It can be used with on-line tools like surveys as well as other data collection tools.