Emily Carr University Research Ethics Board Policies and Guidelines

Emily Carr University Policies and Procedures concerning educational research. 

The following documents describe educational research at Emily Carr University. They are found here.
5.1 Ethics in Research
5.1.1 Responsible Conduct of Research: Integrity + Scholarship Procedures
5.1.2 Research Involving Humans Procedures
5.1.3 Conflict of Interest Procedures
5.2 Intellectual Property

ECU-REB Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

In July 2014 a new set of SOPs were passed by the ECU-REB Policy & Planning Committee, in consultation with the ECU-REB, the Deans Council, and the VP Academic and Provost. They are available here:

SOP Section 100 Operations of the ECU-REB - SOP_100_updated_logo.pdf

SOP Section 200 Ethics Review & Monitoring - SOP_200_updated_logo.pdf

SOP Section 300 Communications - SOP_300_updated_logo.pdf

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Second Edition Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2), updated in 2014

In carrying out Ethics in Research policies, Emily Carr University is guided and in compliance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement.

TCPS 2:CORE Tutorial

The online tutorial TCPS 2: CORE (Course on Research Ethics) is an introduction to the 2nd edition of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2), updated in 2014. TCPS 2:CORE provides an overview of Canadian research ethics guideliness for researchers.

NEW - Two additional TCPS2 modules are now available for researchers involved in research with Aboriginal perople, knowledges and territories, as well as researchers involved in multi-jurisdictional research. If either of these areas are part of your research, you are advised to complete these tutorials as well as the TCPS2:CORE,

The certificate of completion for the tutorial is required of all University researchers conducting primary research with human participants, and recommended for all REB members. Appicants to the ECU-REB must include a digital file of their certificate with their applications.