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Facility + Community Access

The Facilities Office at Emily Carr University manages all of the University's campus spaces on a day-to-day basis.

The following information responds to a few typical requests. If you have further requirements or questions, please contact the Facilities Office:

Maintenance + Service Requests

For all maintenance and service requests please call or email the Johnson Controls Help Desk:

Examples include electrical issues or outages, malfunctioning elevator, heating / cooling issues, lighting issues, personal safety concerns, odours, plumbing issues, slipping hazards, adverse weather issues, vandalism, broken glass, garbage and recycling requests, cleaning requests, or pest control issues.

If an item is of an Urgent nature, please indicate that it is Urgent during your call or include in the subject line of the email.

Issues related to furniture, equipment, changes, or new capital requests should continue to be directed to the Facilities offices.

Installation Approvals

All student installations in the University must be approved by Facilties or they will be removed immediately. Facilities tries to work with all students to provide solutions for installations that may be unsafe or not feasible. Please drop by to pick up an Application to Install form, and if you have any questions or concerns about your installation.


Parking passes can be purcashed from Finance and picked up in the Facilities office with a valid receipt. Paid parking is available by semester. More details can be obtained from the Facilities office.


Room Bookings

Student Room Bookings: Facilities only books rooms for students for curriculum-based use. If you wish to use a room for a club, please contact the Student Union to sign up your club and they will make your room bookings for you.

Faculty and Staff Room Bookings: Facilities can book rooms for meetings, critiques, exams and other curriculum based requirements. For non-affiliated events, please see Facility rentals.

Facility Rentals for Public Use

We are happy to announce that a variety of classrooms and a theatre will be available to the public for rental on a very limited basis once we are up and running at our new campus. Due to our academic term programming needs, rooms can only be booked for use during the current term and generally cannot be booked very far in advance. Rentals are subject to availability and various terms and conditions. For room rental inquiries please contact the Facilities Clerk at 604.844.3817 or Please note that public bookings at the new campus are not being accepted until January 2018. 

Card Access

If your card doesn't work, please email with:

  • your name
  • student / staff number
  • and the areas/rooms where your card won't work

Students: You must be enrolled in a class to receive access to an area. Waitlisted students must wait until they are enrolled in a class to gain card access to an area.

Faculty: Your card will provide you general access around campus and into areas you are specifically teaching. For Sessional Faculty, access is provided two weeks prior to the start of a semester to allow for prep work, photocopying etc. and a week after the semester ends.

Staff: Your card will provide you general access around campus and into areas you are specifically working in.

Do not lend your card to anyone or provide access to a restricted area to someone without a card or access. Please notify Facilities or Security if you lose your card.



Keys for faculty and staff are issued from the Facilities office. Please report any lost keys immediately:

  • to Facilities, room D2351, tel: 604.844.3898 - during business hours,
  • to Security, 604.844.3838 - during evenings and weekends. 


Posters and Community Events Notices

Emily Carr employees and students actively engage in the local arts and cultural community. Notices about arts and culture events are accepted for display at our Information Desk during regular business hours (8:30am - 4:30pm, weekdays), attention to Alex Fowler. The University reserves the right to refuse materials.


Job Opportunities for Students

Organizations and individuals wishing to advise Emily Carr students of a work opportunity should contact the Career + Co-Operative Education Office at 604.844.3843.