Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable area is responsible for ensuring the accurate billing of Emily Carr student accounts. Our goal is to assist students with prompt and professional service and to respond to any questions regarding tuition and other account charges. Services offered through this area include:

Tuition Deferrals

Tuition fee deferral applications are available at Financial Services for students with extenuating circumstances. The application for tuition fee deferral must be submitted to Accounts Receivable and approved by the published tuition deadlines. It is recommended that students who require a deferral contact Accounts Receivable as soon as the term commences. It is very important to us that students are treated professionally when approaching us with financial concerns, and we assure that all correspondence is kept confidential.

Deferral Application
Please see Cashier, Financial Services Room D2401 for further information.

Third Party Payments and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Due to Protection of Privacy legislation, Emily Carr cannot assist or give student record access to a third party without written permission from the student. An information release form can be filled out by the student and will be kept on file in Student Services for the duration of the student's studies, unless otherwise notified in writing.

Third Party Sponsorships

Students who are sponsored by a third party must ensure that Accounts Receivable receives the proper documentation authorizing the invoicing of the sponsor before the term commences (the letter may be faxed to our office at 604-630-4539). The student remains responsible for any amounts not covered by the sponsorship agreement, or any amounts defaulted upon by the sponsor. It is the student’s responsibility to understand what is covered in the sponsorship agreement and to ensure that all payments are made. The student is also required to supply the sponsor with any additional information requested as part of the agreement, such as grades or transcripts.


Students who have a credit on their account will have the credit forwarded to the following term unless the student requests a refund. Continuing Studies students will have refunds generated at the request of the Continuing Studies department and need not put in a formal request to Financial Services. Financial Services requires two weeks to process a refund once a request has been made. During busy periods this may take longer.

Direct deposit is available for all students with a Canadian bank account. Please see Cashier, Financial Services Room D2401 for further information.

Refunds for payments made via credit card will be processed back onto the credit card used to make the payment. 

General Account Enquiries

For any questions regarding tuition accounts:

Contact Accounts Receivable at or phone 604-844-3092 or Cashier at or phone 604-629-4515 Our goal is to respond to any question a student has as soon as possible and ensure that all financial information is up to date and accurate.