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Common Utilities

ECU Adobe Creative Cloud Software

All Emily Carr credit students covered by the Digital Resource Requirement can follow the steps below to access Adobe Creative Cloud software. If your Fall or Spring tuition included the Creative Cloud charge, you were part of the requirement. Contact if you need help.

1. Login to your myEC account, Click on "Adobe Consent" (under Academic Profile), & Click Save.

2. In two to seven days you will receive an e-mail from Adobe saying "Access Granted, Enjoy All Apps Now"

3. Create an Adobe ID that is the same as your ECU e-mail address. For example:

4. Login to Adobe with your Adobe ID and download Creative Cloud.

5. FYI, when using Adobe Creative Cloud on campus computers (i.e. labs, library, etc.) you will need to login with your Adobe ID.  Remember to logout before you leave the computer.


All Emily Carr credit students receive email accounts and are directed to use it for Emily Carr communications. Email is an official means of communication with Emily Carr students by the faculty, administration and other service providers on campus. Access your ECU email directly, not through forwarding to your personal email account. Access your ECU email, both on and off campus, from your computer or mobile device by going to  Create a strong password to use.

You can use an email client (like Outlook or Mac Mail) if you would like to read your ECU e-mail.  You can send ECU email from an email client Only when you are On campus and connected to ECU WiFi.  Off campus, you can only send email from your ECU email account when using  To configure an email client for your ECU email account use these settings:

Incoming Mail Server (port 143):

Outgoing Mail Server (port 587):

Contact for questions regarding e-mail. Please send your student/staff/faculty number and your date of birth in the email.


Contact Student Services for questions and help with myEC accounts. You can reset your myEC password:, click on "reset password". If you still require help, contact Student Services at:

DOC (Digital Output Centre)

For information on the services provided by the Digital Output Centre, click here.

Library Computer Workstations

All students may use library workstations for access to the library catalogue, research databases/ and web searching. Scanning stations are also available.

Curriculum Computer Labs

Access to some curriculum computer labs may be restricted by program area, and/or the student's year of enrollment.

Mac Labs: D3360 / B1122 / B1110 / B4115
Apple System Administrators: Jim Oaten & Rod Christiansen - B1115 - (604) 629-4509

PC Labs: A3080 / C1220
PC System Administrator: Stephen Wichuk - Ext. 2994 


Curriculum Lab are generally open during the same days and times as the campus. The Facilities Department posts the campus hours in several locations around the building, including at the Facilities office. Library hours are posted on the Library entrance door.


All laser printing throughout the campus are accessed through "Cash Cards". You can purchase a Cash Card from the vending machines, located near the elevators on the 1st floor, the 3rd floor, and at the library front desk.

Laser Prints

Colour Letter Size: $0.70 / page

Colour Tabloid Size: $1.30 / page


Laser Printer Locations

First Floor: Outside B1116 (near the Reliance Theatre)

Second Floor: Library

Third Floor: Communication Design

Third Floor: Foundation

Fourth Floor: Outside the Digital Output Centre


DOC: Self-Serve Inkjet Prints

17" Wide Matte Paper: $4.35 / foot

17" Wide Semi-Gloss Paper: $5.25 / foot

24" Wide Matte Paper: $6.10 / foot

24" Wide Pearl Paper: $7.40 / foot


Photo Department: Self-Serve Inkjet Prints

24" Wide Matte Paper: $6.10 / foot

24" Wide Pearl Paper: $7.40 / foot


Cash cards can also pay for photocopies in the Library.