Adobe Creative Cloud Student Subscriptions

New Subscriptions

If you are not already mandated by your year of study, or program, and If you would like a one year subscription you can pay for one at the Finance Window. The one year starts from the time you register your subscription with Adobe (it is not in any way tied to the Academic or Calendar year). About 4 - 7 days after you make your payment, you will receive an e-mail with directions on how to collect the "Redemption Code" for your subscription. In the meantime you can download software from Adobe  and use it under the "30 day trial" mode.
Once you have your redemption code you can go back to the Adobe web site and register your subscription using the redemption code. The Creative Cloud includes just about every piece of software Adobe has. You can scroll through the list of software at this link:

Renewing Subscriptions

You can't renew your subscription prior to its aniversary date. Don't worry, your software subscription will revert to "trial mode" and you have 30 days to process your renewal.  Again, simply make payment at the Finance Window and you will be contacted with instructions on collecting your redemption code. 

Further Details

Your redemption code will come from a company called Kivuto. Emily Carr's Kivuto website is found at    The information you receive after making payment will allow you to register at this website and collect your redemption code. After registering you will

1. Log into Kivuto and see an image/icon for the Adobe Creative Cloud.
2. Click on the image/icon and add it to your cart
3. Check out
4.  You will be charged $0.00

This should result in the revealing of your Redemption Code. Please make careful note of it and save it in a safe location. Also make careful note of your Kivuto username and password.

With your redemption code you can now go to Adobe's website and either register with them for an Adobe ID or simply login with your existing one. (Do not create multiple Adobe IDs or you may risk future problems). Once logged in at Adobe you can redeem your Redemption Code for your one year Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription. Please also make careful note of your Adobe ID  (username and password).