WPA2 Setup for Windows 7

To connect to the ECUAD network on a Windows computer, you must:

  • have a working wireless network adapter
  • be running Windows 7 ( we do not support other version of Windows at this time )
  • have an active Emily Carr email account, with a password that has been set or changed since September 2012

Configuring the Wireless Setup

 1) Click the network icon on the bottom right of the screen.   


If you see ECUAD listed, skip to step 6.  Otherwise, you must add the network to the list, using the following steps:   

2) Click on Open Network and Sharing Center. You should see this:   


3) Select Set up a new connection or network.   


4) Select Manually Connect to a wireless network   


Enter the Network Name as ECUAD.  Set the Security Type to WPA2 Enterprise.  Check the box next to Connect even if the network is not broadcasting   

5) Click on Next :   


Then click on Change connection settings, and skip to step 7   

6) Right click on ECUAD, and select Properties   


7) On the Security tab, the network Authentication protocol should be set to Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) .   


Click on the Settings button.   

8) You should see a window like this:   


Uncheck Validate server certificate :   


9) Click on Configure next to Select Authentication Method to see this:   


Uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password   


and click OK.  Click OK on the Protected EAP Properties window.   

10) In the ECUAD Wireless Network Properties window, click on Advanced Settings   


Set the authentication mode to User authentication :   



Making the Wireless Connection

From the Network icon on the bottom right of the screen, right click on ECUAD and select Connect

You may see a window like this:

Click on Next, and you will be prompted for your e-mail username and password:

You can enter your e-mail username like this:

Or alternately you can enter your full email address:

Both should work.

Connection Difficulties

If you see a message like this:

There may be an issue with your password, or an issue with certificates.

Reset your email password (you can use the webmail.ecuad.ca interface to do so).

Verify that the Validate server settings is unchecked (see step 8)

If the problem persists, please contact Help Desk.