Drawing + Painting

The Drawing and Painting Department Resource facilities are comprised of an array of communal and independent Studios and Seminar rooms on and off the Main Campus of Emily Carr University.

This area is unique in that it houses its own Painting Wood shop, complete with a variety of stationary and portable power tools to assist in various creative projects. Available tools include:

a table saw,Stretching a canvas two compound miter saws, panel saw band saw, drill press, router table, edge sander, spray booth, and a large in-shop assembly area to build canvas stretchers and wood panel frames.

With an emphasis on Shop and Studio Safety, the Painting Wood Shop is a resource that offers support to individual projects. As well, group demos on training students to build canvas stretchers and panels are delivered at the beginning of each term.

Painting StudioThe Drawing and Painting Resources are supervised and staffed by Technical Services personnel and student monitors who maintain the Painting Wood Shop and Studios. Each Painting Studio is equipped with a Smartwasher, providing a more sustainable studio environment for students to clean their paint brushes, preventing solvents from being introduced into the waste stream. Each Drawing Classroom is equipped with a set of 4 retractable lights, offering dramatic spotlighting for models and still life’s.

The Drawing and Painting Department also has two Gallery Spaces where students are mentored by a Faculty member to curate their own shows throughout the school term.

Drawing and Painting is an important part of the Emily Carr University community. Students will be encouraged and challenged while learning the skills that will put them in the forefront of the contemporary visual arts culture.

Sharon Bayly, Studio Technician
Ext. 3872
Yang Hong, Studio Technician
Ext. 3872