Foundation Shop

Foundation students have access to a dedicated shop and assembly area equipped with an assortment of hand tools, portable power tools, and basic stationary machinery. Classes receive their introductory group demos to tools and equipment in this shop, as well as one-on-one technical support with their projects. Introductory skills for working with wood and plastics are developed, with access provided to portable tools, band-saws, sanders, drill presses, a compound mitre saw and a panel saw.

Basic mould-making, casting, and vacuum-forming are supported, and group demos and assistance with Foundation media resources such as digital video cameras and sound recorders are provided. The area contains a simple digital animation station and two digital video editing stations, however the school's computer labs house the main media editing resources.

Foundation students working in the area are supported by two Technicians who manage the shop and assembly area, deliver a wide range of group demos in support of curriculum, and provide one-on-one assistance to the students in the program.

Meghan Weeks, Technician III
Robert Geyer, Technician II
Office: D3392
Telephone: 604.844.3848