equipment inventory



An array of audio visual equipment is available for loan to Emily Carr students, faculty and staff from Media Resources. Examples of equipment that can be borrowed are audio recorders, audio accessories photography equipment, video cameras, lighting equipment and presentation equipment.

Download Our Equipment List PDF:                                                        Media Resources Equipment Inventory.pdf

 Access to equipment will vary and depends on program enrollment and completed workshops. Check with a Media Resources technician or a tech in your area if you have any questions about what you have access to.

Equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. Equipment on loan is the responsibility of the borrower and all equipment borrowed must be returned in good working order. Reserving equipment ahead of time is recommended as much of the equipment available is in high demand. Fill out the on-line booking form here

First-time Borrowers are required to sign the Media Resources Department’s Policy Agreement. Print copies of the Policy Agreement are available at the Media Resources counter. To locate the Media Resources Department and for additional information contact Media Resources. For our hours of operation, view hours.

Presentation Equipment:

During the year, faculty may require presentation equipment such as projectors or laptops for classrooms and theater spaces. For a list of room technology or to learn more about the presentation systems in your classrooms, please contact CTS