Photography Resources facilities comprise a large footprint on campus, including an in-house computer and digital lab, a fully equipped shooting and image capture studio, and complete darkroom wet-lab facilities for black and white film developing (35mm, medium and large format) and print processing (for both RC and fiber media). Additionally, our department  includes a production area with professional trimming, mounting, and mat cutting equipment as well as seminar classrooms and an installation/projection space for students to display work.

DarkroomComputer/digital lab houses 12 Mac workstations, 3 Hasselblad Flextight X1 film drum scanners, a Nikon Super CoolScan 9000 film scanner and 2 Epson V750 flatbed scanners. There are two 24” Canon printers equipped with roll paper and a 17” Epson printer available for students to print their work digitally. An auxiliary lab with 19 Mac workstations is also available for more general computing tasks.

 Darkroom array is comprised of two wet-lab areas which include 18 printing stations with enlargers capable of 35mm, medium and large format projection. Archival printing is available up to 20"x24" print size using tray processing in our large sinks. We also have one 30" Kreonite Promate RC Automatic print processor for rapid print production up to 30"x40" print size. Additionally, one of the labs is set up for use with Alternative/Historical processes including a UV exposure unit and large contact printing frames.

Studio Professional grade studio with capability for natural light or darkened use. Able to be split into two separate shooting areas for high/low key setups. There is a garage door in the north side of the studio leading to the exterior of the building to facilitate the use of large props or sets in the shooting area. We have a large inventory of professional lighting equipment including: Hensel and Speedotron strobe systems, Arri Tungsten fresnel hot lights, and a large selection of soft boxes and light modifiers. The studio is also stocked with Various camera systems for students to use including pro grade Canon DSLRs, Hasselblad and Mamiya medium format, and large format studio film cameras.

student workingThe Photography Resource area is supervised and staffed by technical services personnel, student monitors, and co-op interns. The area provides student access Mondays through Thursdays until 11:00PM as well as Fridays and weekends until 10:00PM.


Geoffrey Wallang, Technician I
Office: B4136
Telephone: 604.844.3896

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