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Print Media encompasses screen-printing, lithography, intaglio, relief, and book media within one large, multi-level studio area. An adjacent digital resources lab provides computer stations and printer output for a range of digital print media files.

The screen-printing section houses seven stationary and eight portable printing tables, paper drying racks, screen storage and a screen wash-out area. The darkroom facilities contain an exposure room, plate processing station and screen-coating area. Lithography includes an assortment of limestone and marble stones, four direct stone presses, a graining room and an etch prep area. The relief area includes proof presses, letterpress facilities, and three flatbed presses. In the intaglio area there are three Working on a stencil etching presses, sinks for paper soaking, a hot plate and a separate room for aquatint and copper plate etching. Book media is primarily located on the mezzanine area with additional access to letterpresses in Print as well as to the typography and letterpress shop located in Design.


Equipment Specifications:

Griffin Company Press (powered); 92.5"x38.5"
Griffin Company Press; 63"x39.5"
Charles Brand Press; 49.5"x30"
Takach Garfield Press (powered); 56.5"x34"

Graining Sink; 210"x36"
Levigators; two of 11"

RELIEF (A4080)
Charles Brand Press; 40"x20"
Takach Garfield Press; 48.5"x24"
Glen Alps Press; 72"x34"
Vandercook Press (powered); 21"x15.5"
Vandercook Press (powered); 21"x15"
Nolan Proofing Press; 42"x25.5"
Sign Press (cylinder high adjustable proofing press); 28.5"x21.5"

SCREEN (A4060)
Screen Printing Tables; six of 60"x38" and one of 60"x45"


Power Washing Booths; two of 75"x32"
Power Washer
Emulsion Stripper Dip Tank; 39"x15"

NuArk exposure unit (non-flip-top); 45"x37"
NuArk exposure unit (flip-top); 42"x33"
Polymer Plate Maker; 10"x8" (bed size)

INTAGLIO (A4065)Etching Presses
French Tool Press; 48"x24"
Hunter Penrose Press; 48"28"
Charles Brand Press; 48"x26"

Hot Plate; 36"x27.5"
Ferric Chloride Tank; 44"x35"
Spray Booth; 48"x28" (table size)

Technical support for Print Media is provided by two Technicians who bring a wide range of expertise to the area. They provide both group demonstrations and one-on-one support, ensure safe operations within the area, and maintain a wide inventory of supplies for student use.

Vanessa Hall-Patch, Studio Technician III
Shinsuke Minegishi Studio Technician II
Office: A4044
Telephone: 604.844.3858


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