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The shops and studios at Emily Carr University provide access to a wide range of equipment, technical support, and dedicated work areas. University programs supported include: Foundation, Sculpture, Ceramics, Print Media, Photography, Film/Video and Integrated Media, Animation, Design, Drawing and Painting.

Each program area maintains the necessary equipment to allow students a full range of exploration of their chosen areas of study. The fundamentals of materials, tools and processes explored in first year studio work are introduced within a dedicated, supervised Foundation shop, assembly area and studio work space. Students in all other program areas from second year onwards are supported by four additional supervised shops located on the Granville Island campus. These shops house specialized equipment for work with wood, metal, plastics and composites. Digital fabrication processes currently offered include a CNC router and a laser cutter.

The studio areas for ceramics, print media, and photography each combine instructional areas alongside the necessary production equipment and workspaces to enhance the integration of learning and practice. All three areas are supervised and have specialized materials-handling processes to ensure the safe usage of the glazes, inks and solvents, or photo chemistry used in their respective areas.

The Film/Video and Integrated Media area offers a supervised, full production facility complete with sound, film and video recording and editing capabilities. Dedicated studio space is used for teaching as well as for student productions. Cameras, lights, sound gear and assorted production accessories are made available to students majoring in the program.

Both traditional and digital animation studies are taught and supported via a dedicated computer animation lab as well as a drawing studio and animation cameras. Technical support in the area covers all aspects of animation production, including model-making.

The Design program encompasses both Industrial Design and Communication Design. Industrial Design is supported by a supervised model-making/prototyping shop integrated closely with the curriculum where students can explore their concepts, develop working models and output finely finished prototypes. Designs incorporating fabrics, foam, and other soft materials can created in the dedicated Soft Shop sewing area.

Digital support for Communication Design is provided by the dedicated computer lab located in the design area. The supervised letterpress area, copiers and printers adjacent to the studio workspace support more traditional forms of layout and composition, and the Digital Output Centre located across the hall provides high-quality final print output in a variety of formats.

The Drawing, Painting and Illustration studios incorporate specialized drawing rooms, painting studios, and critique spaces clustered on one floor. Working studio space is provided for senior students at both the main and satellite campuses. A supervised woodworking shop adjacent to the Granville Island studios provides canvas stretcher, framing and panel-building resources.

 If you have any questions regarding technical support at Emily Carr University, please contact one of the managers listed below:

James Nattall
Media Resources Manager
Office: B1124
Telephone: 604.844.3826

William Newhouse
Shop Technologies Manager
Technical Services Department
Office: B3152
Telephone: 604.844.3084 / 778.944.3084