Sculpture Area

Working in the wood shopThe Sculpture program is located at the centre of a large woodworking shop, a synthetics and casting area, and a metalworking shop.

The woodworking shop contains a wide range of hand and portable power tools, as well as large and small band-saws, two table saws, two drill presses, a range of disk, belt and spindle sanders, compound mitre saws, a wood lathe, and a large jointer/planer.

Metal shop The metalworking shop includes gas, arc, and spot welding equipment, a plasma cutter, a grinding room, metal band-saws and cut-off saws, two drill presses, a lathe and milling machine, assorted rollers, brakes, and dies for shaping, a large metal shear, and basic forging equipment.

A foundry equipped with an electric induction furnace capable of melting 50 lbs of aluminum or bronze supports various forms of metal casting.

Pouring aluminum

The synthetics and casting shop provides a range of mold-making and casting processes including plaster and plaster bandage, vacuum-formed plastics, and various molding rubbers.

The area houses two vacuum-form machines, a large fully-enclosed spray booth, and a separately ventilated resin-casting area with supplied-air hood system for working safely with casting resins and glass-fibre reinforced projects.Work from the Synthetics studio

Three Technicians staff these areas, providing safe access to resources, group demos for curriculum, and one-on-one technical support in their respective areas of expertise.

Sculpture Wood Shop
David Morgan, Studio Technician III
Office: D1353
Telephone: 604.844.3857
David Morgan

Metal Shop
Ian Rhodes, Studio Technician III
Office: 1281
Telephone: 604.844.3800 local 2834
Ian Rhodes

Flexible Materials Lab
Rob Dolphin, Studio Technician III
Office: B1173
Telephone: 604.629.4503
Rob Dolphin