Emergency Preparedness


Emergency Preparedness





Drop, Cover and Hold On!  If you experience an earthquake while on campus, try and do the following:

  • drop to the ground and take cover under a desk
  • hold on to the desk to stop it from moving as you’re trying to protect yourself from falling debris
  • if in a hallway, try and get to an interior wall or stairwell, drop to the ground and protect your head
  • try and stay away from doorways and windows to avoid breaking glass
  • do not try to exit the building as falling debris will cause injury
  • wait for aftershocks

The University has emergency supplies such as portable first aid kits, food, water and emergency blankets available should they be needed, as well as emergency response kits for fire wardens. In an emergency, patience is the name of the game, as chaos will be front and centre in the immediate aftermath.