By phone: 604-844-3838. Or, press the security button to contact security by using the black emergency phones located throughout the campus.


First Aid

Security are trained to provide first aid for minor injuries, and can assist with first aid response when more serious injuries or situations occur when 911 has been called. 

For any life threatening emergency situations, call 911 first and then call Security to provide assistance until 911 arrives on campus.

Safe Walk Program

Security can be contacted as part of the Safe Walk Program to walk anyone to their vehicle or the nearby bus stops. Do not hesitate to contact Security and request this service if you feel unsafe for any reason or if you are working late.

Suspicious Activity + Thefts

While we are a safe campus, from time to time thefts do occur. As a community, we all need to be vigilant and report any suspicious persons or activities to ensure a safe campus. Do not hesitate to contact Security in these situations, or if you observe a theft in progress or if you have anything stolen.

To better protect your possessions, do not leave them unattended at any time. This would include leaving valuables unattended in studio spaces as well as the more public areas on campus.


From time to time, the campus buildings may need to be evacuated. Please comply with Security's requests in evacuation situations, as they are working to keep you and the rest of the community safe. Do not re-enter any buildings until Security or Facilities have directed that it is safe to do so.

Active Threats on Campus

There may be situations where an active threat exists on campus, and in these situations, individuals need to make quick personal decisions for their own safety. An active threat is defined as one or more persons who seek out a target rich environment and participate in a random or systematic infliction of death or grievous bodily harm. 

There are responses to consider during an active threat:

  • Run (Escape)
  • Hide (Shelter in Place)
  • Fight (The last resort if an attack is imminent)

More information can be found via the online Active Threat Response orientation on moodle: Active Threat Response.