Volunteer: Website and Social Media Development

Contact Information for Applicants: 
Lisa Cay Miller, Managing Artistic Director info@nowsociety.org
Name of Organization: 
New Orchestra Workshop Society
How to apply: 

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Lisa Cay Miller, Managing Artistic Director at info@nowsociety.org


Opportunity Description + Organization Information: 

2017 is the NOW Society’s 40th Anniversary. To mark the occasion we are celebrating our rich and varied history of presenting stellar new works in engaging and unique concerts, offering inspiring and informative improvisation workshops, collaborating with world-renowned artists, commissioning and premiering new compositions by Canadian and international composers and releasing celebrated recordings. NOW presents improvising ensembles drawn from the city’s premiere mature and emerging artists with instrumentation specific to each project. Deriving from contemporary new music, big band jazz and musique actuelle, NOW ensembles create community by linking improvisers from different disciplines with the shared goal of presenting innovative music. The NOW ensembles have performed in a multitude of venues and formats, from formal concert halls to DIY stages, from showcases to concerts and installations.

In keeping with the theme of looking to build on our forty years of forward thinking art and innovation, the Society is looking for an intern to assist in the updating and further development of our web and social media presence. Our goal is to create an easily navigable and visually striking digital representation of the NOW Society, which the intern will have a large creative role in shaping.  Ideally the website will be easy to maintain and update, allowing the Society to communicate effectively and quickly through our online presence. In addition, we are looking to optimize our usage of social media as a platform for expanding the reach of the Society.



Specific Duties of this volunteer position are flexible and will be negotiated with the NOW Society Artistic Director. They include:


i) conceptualization and creation of website;

ii) finding cost-effective and easily maintainable/updatable web hosting solutions;

iii) researching and implementing methods for optimizing social media usage;

iv) coordinating the publication and inclusion of relevant NOW archival materials in the website.

Qualifications Required

 - experience in web design, social media optimization and online data management,

- a working knowledge of Microsoft Office Word and Excel,

- reliability, and the ability to to work independently for extended periods,

- experience with audio and visual media creation,

- interest in creativity, arts, and improvisation.

Volunteer hours required: over 80-90 hours in the Spring Semester of 2018.  Schedule and location are flexible.


Monday, January 15, 2018 - 11:59am