Volunteer: Web-design specialist

Contact Information for Applicants: 
Laura Yvonne Bulk OT, MOT, BSW PhD Candidate, Rehabilitation Sciences Twitter: @LYBOT Faculty of Medicine | The University of British Columbia T325 – 2211 Wesbrook Mall | Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 2B5 Mobile: 778.228.4774 Email: LBulk@mail.ubc.ca
Name of Organization: 
Act4 & University of British Columbia
How to apply: 

Please contact Laura for more information and to apply.

Opportunity Description + Organization Information: 


Do you want to get experience doing a project that has real-world impact? Do you want to use your skills to make a difference in the lives of real people? The Being Blind project team is seeking someone with skills in designing interactive, aestetic, and accessible online platforms. The Being Blind platform will be used to explore diverse international experiences of blindness, and to challenge misperceptions of what it means to be blind. It will combine blog, research evidence, and photojournalistic profiles. This project is a collaboration between Laura Yvonne Bulk, who is a blind scholar and advocate, and Marilyn Smith, a photojournalist and CEO of Act4 productions.



The person who would like to join our collaborative efforts should have a passion for using their artistic and technical skills for contributing to equity and human rights for all.

The individual would have experience building online platforms, and ideally would have the ability to design for accessibility.

Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 1:04am