Associate Designer Co-op

Name of Organization: 
How to apply: 

In addition to applying directly to, please create a profile on our student applicant site.  You can apply via this link

 Please indicate clearly whether you are available for a 4 month, 8 month, 12 month or 16 month term.  Most positions are 4 or 8 months depending on your availability, but we do consider longer co-op terms.

 To apply you must have the legal right to work in Canada – copies of work permits may be requested for those that are not Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents


Opportunity Description + Organization Information: 

Team: BioWare 

Location:  Edmonton 

Position Overview:

  • Communicate and work with the Designers and Programmers to make all levels playable and enjoyable
  • Focus on gameplay elements of a map (instead of the visual)
  • Work closely with the directors to establish the game vision level design wise
  • Ability to help set guidelines and work with design, art and engineering
  • Understand, use and help improve the game editor
  • Help define technical limitations and constraints for level construction
  • Test and troubleshoot areas that are not working in the game engine and proactively fix them
  • Be enthusiastic and ready to take on challenges
  • Be a positive influence on the team
  • Maintain pacing in situations of intense schedules
  • Be creative and flexible when faced with constraints
  • Be accountable for delivering quality maps for the entire game
  • Collaborate/communicate with all departments to reinforce the vision
  • Participate in critiquing your work and the work of others
  • Performs other duties as required



  • Understand the aesthetics of environment, function vs. form relationships, as well as what makes a game level fun and intriguing.
  • Technically skilled, game level editors, rapid prototyping tools such as Sketchup and scripting languages (e.g. LUA).
  • Must work well in a team spanning artists, programmers, and designers
  • Good knowledge of the industry
  • Self-motivated, able to work without close supervision


About EA:

It’s not easy building the world’s best digital playground. It’s hair-standing-up-on-end-exhilarating. It’s down-in-the-trenches-challenging. Its stroke-of-brilliance-at-midnight creative. It’s you—taking risks, challenging yourself, pursuing ideas, changing the way millions of people do something they love: Play. We’re EA—we’ve been making games for decades but you wouldn’t know that walking through our studios. We’re still buzzing with the same innovative spirit we began with, though we’ve learned enough to earn our rank as a leading developer, publisher and distributor of the world’s best games. What began as a small group of people determined to “put real life in a box” has become an 8,000-people strong, worldwide organization delivering on that very dream. If you’ve played The Sims lately, you know exactly what we mean. And if you’ve played Battlefield 1, maybe you’d say that we’ve done real life one better.

Whether you’re building Springfield on your mobile or your palms are sweaty from clutching your controller during intense games of FIFA 17, chances are you’ve played an EA game. And if you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for? In an industry that’s changing every day—whether it’s through new social channels, advancing technology, new audiences or unique opportunities for monetization—EA is positioned for growth thanks to smart business plans, strategic acquisitions, and most importantly, our creative people around the world who gather each day to unite the world through play. We take that last part very seriously, so if what you’re reading excites you as much as it does us, we invite you to get to know us better.



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