Graphic Designer

Contact Information for Applicants: VP Marketing
Name of Organization: 
ActiveState Inc.
How to apply: 

Please email resume with portfolio and / or link to recent work to

Opportunity Description + Organization Information: 


Engagement would be for 10 hours / week over a 6 month period with the opportunity. Great creative work with a great Vancouver tech company selling to customers around the world, 97% of Fortune 1000 are customers.  Work required would be diverse, giving someone the opportunity for flexibility and grow their design chops:
  • corporate identity
  • web visuals / graphics
  • layout / production of digital content pieces
  • production of infographics
  • digital ads design
**We are building a stronger brand awareness of ourselves and wanting to elevate our message and narrative. Graphics will be a key component to telling the story. ***This would be a great opportunity for someone who would be interested in working on a variety of items and have a lot of input in multiple areas. For example, we want to refresh the look & feel of our digital content and carry forward that feel in our corporate identity (stationary, banners, web images) as well as social channels. ***The Marketing team is agile and sophisticated with a keen interest to augment our storytelling through visual components.



- strong proficiency in Adobe cloud applications

- understanding of corporate identity fundamentals

- ability to tailor work for different mediums with a consistent aesthetic

- takes initiative, responsive, creative problem solver.

Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 5:00am