Social Media Wizard for LGBTQ Short Film

Contact Information for Applicants:
Name of Organization: 
Dominant Chord Film
How to apply: 

Please email with relevant experience, samples of your work or resume

Opportunity Description + Organization Information: 

Exciting short film project filming in September. A closeted country music star is forced to make the choice of his life when his career and his heart are both put on the line.

Needing a social media wizard to work with our marketing team to engage, create posts and expand the reach of our short film for a short crowdfunding campaign in August and to help promote the film. 

Volunteer position with small honorarium possible contigent on meeting crowdfunding goals as well as reference letter, copy of the finished film and invite to cast/crew private screening

facebook @dominantchordfilm Twitter - @domchordfilm         



Looking for an applicant 

  • familiar with using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • some design, graphic capabilities, Meme's ect
  • creative with own ideas to bring to the table how to expand audience, reach influencers
  • able to meet deadlines
  • Familiar with the material or the message of the film ie country music or LGBTQ+ issues/causes
Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 12:00pm