Artswork Criteria + Submission Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in hiring an Emily Carr student or graduate. Please refer to the following policy + guidelines when posting your opportunities.


Emily Carr Career + Professional Development services facilitate employment recruitment and artist call efforts of the creative industry from our undergraduate, graduate, and alumni communities. 

To access these services, you and your organization must comply with all employment standards outlined by the British Columbia Employment Standards Act, the Human Rights Code, and Emily Carr University. 

All student experiential opportunity postings such as field practices (formerly co-ops) must be compensated as per the British Columbia Employment Standards Act’s definitions.

Emily Carr University only posts volunteer opportunities for registered charitable organizations and not-for-profit organizations.

In compliance with the Graphic Designers of Canada’s Code of Ethics, Emily Carr University does not post opportunities requiring the applicants to perform speculative work. 

Recruiting and posting privileges will not be provided to organizations that:

  • Charge student applicants directly for services
  • Require a financial investment on the part of the applicants
  • Offer compensation that is primarily based on commission
  • Offer compensation that is primarily based on speculative work
  • Offer volunteer opportunities and are not a registered charitable organization or not-for-profit organization
  • Offer field experience (formerly co-op) opportunities that are not compensated
  • Third party postings that do not disclose the employer’s information

For fine arts creative service compensation recommendations, please visit: CARFAC

In order to qualify for co-op course credits, students must be practicing in their field of study (or a related field), since students complete an elective course in lieu of a studio based course. For example: a design student would work in design, a film student would work on a film project, etc.

Students are available on a semester basis full and part-time from:
January-April, May-August, and September-December. 

Students are typically paid between $15 - 25 dollars per hour, depending on their range of experence. Our students are selected from a pool of senior students who have achieved stronger than average grades. The Career + Professional Development Office will vet all postings. Should you require further information please contact coop[at]


Emily Carr University reserves the right to edit, delete, or refuse any posting that is not in compliance with the above mentioned policies.  Emily Carr University does not screen the postings to this site, nor does Emily Carr University conduct background checks of the opportunities posted.  The provision of this search/opportunity posting service does not constitute an endorsement by Emily Carr University of any of the organizations posting opportunities.

Interview arrangements and any employment resulting from the use of this service are between the applicant and the organization.  Students are reminded to exercise caution with respect to disclosure of personal information.


*Please note when copying and pasting from a document use the "paste from word icon" at the top of each entry box.

Email, Contact Phone Number, Contact Name:
These are for administration purposes only and will not be included in the job ad.

Opportunity Title:                                                                                   
Title of the position for which you are recruiting.

Name of Organization:
List the name of your company or organization. If you are hiring for a personal project or event, please list this as a "private individual". This is not where you write about your oganization.

Contact Information for Applicants:
We recommend including your email only and company mailing address if needed. We suggest that you do not list your phone number.

How to Apply:
Request that applicants send you their resume, cover letter and examples of their work or a link to their online portfolio via email.

Opportunity Description + Organization Information:
This is where you can write about your organiztion and give a description of your opportuntiy, tasks, and responsibilities.

Specify the level of expertise you are looking for (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert) and list any specific skills or qualifications required.

Deadline:                                                                                                      This is the closing date for the job posting and the date that the posting will be removed from Artswork job board listings. Please note that if you have bookmarked the link to your job post, you may still be able to access this page after the post has been removed. However, it will no longer be on the live listings.  We are unable to post opportunities without a deadline.

Artswork Type:                                                                                           Select the type of opportunity

The SAVE button is on the top right hand corner of the page. Once you click SAVE your post will be submitted to the Career + Professional Development Office for review and approval.

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