Counselling Services

Personal Counselling for Students

The Counselling Office provides intake, crisis, short-term and longer-term personal counselling/therapy to enrolled students.

Counselling is free of charge and confidential.

Who Uses Counselling Services

People like you and me. Mental and emotional health is defined not by the absence of problems, but by how we cope with them. Counselling is a healthy way to deal with life's pressures.

Some Reasons for Seeking Counselling

  • stress
  • anxiety or depression
  • difficulties with school
  • suicidal thoughts
  • relationship difficulties
  • low self-esteem
  • or other reasons of your own

How Counselling Works

  • an opportunity for you to speak and be heard, and gain clarity and an objective perspective on your situation
  • identifies and strengthens your personal resources
  • gives you new strategies to help yourself
  • builds your self-esteem
  • provides you with support

What to Expect

  • sessions are 55 minutes in length
  • the first session is an intake session where background information is gathered on you and the nature of your concern is identified
  • after an intake you will be paired with one of the counsellors and your counselling can begin; because of the demand for services, there may be a wait list and wait-time to start counselling
  • usual progression of counselling is approx. 1-3 sessions to get a handle on your situation; approx. 3-10 sessions to help you find some direction, strategies and resolution


All information you share in counselling is held in strict confidence and is not shared with anyone without your consent, except when:

  • the counsellor determines there is a likelihood of endangering self or others, or
  • there is an indication of abuse of a minor (age 18 or under), or
  • a court subpoena is received

Accessing Services

The Counselling Office is located in the Counselling, Wellness + Accessibility Services area on the second floor, room D2380. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, throughout the academic year.

After-hours and on weekends call the Greater Vancouver Crisis Line at 604 872 3311.

To make an appointment:

  • call the appointment line at 604 630 4555
  • email, please indicate which days and times you are available for an appointment (e.g. Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons)
  • book online at (please note that same day appointments are not available)

Located at number three on the map, click to see larger image.

The Counsellors

Amy Kheong
M.Ed. Counselling Psychology
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Johnny Liu
M.Ed. Counselling Psychology
Registered Clinical Counsellor