Student Services Forms

Forms can be emailed to for processing, and though the office has reopened, we encourage students to email forms to minimize paper waste.

Click on the appropriate link below to access information on various processes/procedures overseen by Student Services, and the related forms required to carry them out:

All available pdf forms can be emailed to for processing.

OneCard ID

OneCard replacement forms are for undergraduate + graduate students who have lost or misplaced their student ID. Once a new card is made the access on the previous one is disabled. 
Reprints take up to 24 hours to print and cost $10.00.

OneCard ID replacement forms are only available in person at the Student Commons front desk while we update our payment options.


Change of Address

Current students can update their address through myEC.

Enrolment Verification

Students who require proof of their enrolment may complete the form below and email it to Please allow 48 hours for processing. We require the student's signed authorization to complete the request.

Declare a Minor

Students who wish to declare a minor must fill out the following form and email it to an Academic Advisor. More information on Minors is available here.

Information Release Authorization

All students' personal information and records are protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Emily Carr University Policy 9.6) therefore Emily Carr cannot assist or give student record access to a third party without written permission from the student. An information release form can be filled out by the student, and provided to the school directly by the student via their Emily Carr email address. The permission will be kept on file in Student Services for the duration of the student's studies, unless otherwise notified in writing. 

Leave of Absence

Undergraduate students may apply for a leave of absence from the University. A leave may be granted by the Registrar for up to one year, in which case the student will be guaranteed a space in their program when they return. Students leaving the University for more than one year must reapply for admission. If a student needs to leave mid-semester a Withdrawal from ALL courses form will also be required. Leave of Absence forms and withdrawal forms shold be emailed to

Graduate students should contact the Graduate Studies office for information on leave of absence policies and procedures.

Letter of Permission

Students may request a Letter of Permission (LOP) for studies they plan to do at other post-secondary institutions for transfer back to Emily Carr. To guarantee that the course work will be accepted for transfer, the student must request approval before they register for the course(s). The form should be emailed to Transfer Credit Advising.

Transfer Credit

New Foundation students and transfer students are assessed transfer credit where applicable. Students who feel that additional transfer credits should be granted must fill out a transfer credit request form. Each assessment will require that the student provide detailed information about the course(s) taken and the course(s) at Emily Carr for which credit is sought. The Transfer Credit Request form should be emailed to Transfer Credit Advising.

Transcript and Degree Parchment Request

To request a transcript or degree parchment, students must first ensure they have no outstanding accounts with the university, and should then complete and submit the form found below, with the accompanying fee, to the Records + Registration office via email to More information is available here. Current students can also request transcripts online through myEC.

*August 12, 2021:

NOTICE:  We are continuing to distribute unofficial transcripts electronically. Should you require a hard copy official transcript for mailing, faxing or pick-up, please contact or indicate your order preference when you submit your transcript order form. Please include your contact e-mail on your order form. If you require your transcript to be sent to another institution, please include the institution's e-mail information on your order form.

**Please note that there will be no charge for transcript orders until further notice while we make changes to our payment system.

***Please also note that as we are issuing official transcripts free-of-charge at this time, all orders will be limited to five official transcripts per student per semester.



Withdrawal Procedures and Forms

In order to withdraw from a course, or from the University, undergraduate students must email an official withdrawal form to More information on withdrawal policies is available here.

Graduate students should contact the Graduate Studies office for information on withdrawal policies and procedures.

Fall and Spring Semesters

Summer Semester