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Foundation Orientation 2016

Prospective Students:
If you want to apply to Emily Carr University, please follow the steps in the Admissions section of our public website.



ORIENTATION WORKSHOPS - September 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th

Orientation consists of a series of workshops and social activities, including time to sort out lockers, student ID's, etc. They run on September 1st, 2nd + 6th; you are scheduled to attend on one of these days – schedule details below (click "Detailed Schedule..." for your section for the detailed pdf).

Everyone is required to attend on September 7th. The Foundation Department and your Students’ Union will be hosting a “Social” day!

Orientation schedules are determined by your Creative Process (CP) section number. To find which workshop day you're required to attend, check your CP section number below.

Don't know which section of CP you are in?? Find your CP section number listed on your schedule in insideEC.




Students with the following Creative Process Section Numbers are scheduled for Workshops on Thursday September 1st, beginning at 8:45am in Room 301 South Building. Detailed Schedule for Thursday September 1st group.

FNDT 108 F001
FNDT 108 F002
FNDT 108 F003
FNDT 108 F004
FNDT 108 F005
FNDT 108 F006
FNDT 108 F007


Students with the following Creative Process Section Numbers are scheduled for Workshops on Friday September 2nd, beginning at 8:45am in Room 301 South Building. Detailed Schedule for Friday September 2nd group.

FNDT 108 F008
FNDT 108 F009
FNDT 108 F010
FNDT 108 F011
FNDT 108 F012
FNDT 108 F013
FNDT 108 F014


Students with the following Creative Process Section Numbers are scheduled for Workshops on Tuesday September 6th, beginning at 8:45am in Room 301 South Building. Detailed Schedule for Tuesday September 6th group.

FNDT 108 F015
FNDT 108 F016
FNDT 108 F017
FNDT 108 F018
FNDT 108 F019
FNDT 108 F020
FNDT 108 F021


*September 7th - Social Day!*

In addition to your Workshop Day, all students are asked to attend our *Social Day* scheduled for Wednesday September 7th beginning at 11:00am.  Students will meet in the Concourse Gallery (North Building) at 11:00am to take part in our annual group photo. You are then invited to a grilled cheese luncheon (gluten-free and vegan choices available) hosted by your Student Union. Tours will also be running on this day for select students - see the pdf below.

Orientation is an excellent opportunity to learn about Emily Carr University and meet other new students.

Attendance at Orientation workshops is mandatory.


  • Bring a printout of your schedule.
  • If you plan on renting a locker, bring a lock (lockers cost $15 per semester to rent)


Gaye Fowler, the Foundation Program Advisor (, will email all Foundation students throughout the year with important reminders and updates. University information will only be sent to your Emily Carr account. You must ensure that your Emily Carr email is active by August, and make sure to check your email regularly.

Please refer to the following link for instructions on accessing your Emily Carr email account:

Any problems accessing your Emily Carr email can be directed to

Foundation Forum

The Foundation Forum is a series of lectures scheduled on Mondays from 11:45am-12:45pm. Forums feature a variety of guest artists from diverse disciplines, who will show examples of their work, and speak about their art practice and creative process.

Students are required to attend a minimum number of lectures each semester. Notes taken during the Forums count towards your participation mark. Full details on Forums will be available via email by mid-August.

Essential Supplies

The following is NOT a complete list of required supplies. Additional materials will be required for all CORE classes. Details will be discussed in class when assignments are given.


Students registered in Visual Arts Core are encouraged to purchase the VA kit assembled by Opus Framing and Art Supplies. These starter kits are available at a reduced cost and contain supplies recommended by Emily Carr faculty.  Kits are now available for $74.20. In order to purchase a kit you must bring your Emily Carr student ID, or a print out of your Fall 2015 schedule.


Students registered in Media Core are required to purchase the following:

  • a 32gb (minimum) external storage device ie: USB stick
  • double processing tank with 2 reels, approximately $35 (a limited number are available for loan). Details on where to purchase this will be covered in class.
  • assorted photographic paper and film. Costs are approximately $125.

You must own, or be able to borrow a:

  • manually adjustable 35mm film single lens reflex (SLR) camera.
  • It is best to have a standard manual focus 50mm lens with an aperture range of F/2 to F/16.
  • It should also have a manual advance and a built in light meter.

Twenty of these cameras are available for 3 day loans from our Audio Visual (AV) Department.  Please note: cameras and tanks can be sold at the end of the semester to Spring Media Core students.


Students registered in Design Core are required to purchase the following:

  • 32gb (minimum) external storage device ie: USB stick
  • Emily Carr print card. Expect to spend approximately $40-$60 on printing.

Costs vary depending on quality and quantity of printing


  • a GOOD pair of scissors
  • an art supply box. Usually a large plastic tool box or fishing tackle box.


Contact Gaye Fowler, Foundation Program Advisor at

Proceeding to Second Year

In order to proceed to second year, students must have completed at least 21 credits by the end of August 2017. They may be missing only one studio course (3 credits) and one academic (6 credits), all of which must be completed before third year.

Application to Second Year

Once all Foundation courses are completed (exceptions noted above), students may proceed to second year. Students who successfully complete the Foundation year are guaranteed entry to the Visual Arts degree program, but must still submit an application. All other programs have limited spaces and admission is competitive.

For more information, visit the applying to majors section of the website.