id cards

Student ID Card

The Emily Carr OneCard is your Emily Carr University ID card that will provide access to library resources, A/V equipment checkout, and campus facilities as determined by your program or user level, including classrooms, shops, studios, and any other areas and resources that are assigned for your specific requirements.

Your first OneCard is free of charge.  Any replacements are $10 .00 per card.

Request your OneCard

To acquire OneCard, log onto myEC and select "Emily Carr OneCard ID Card" under “My Bookmarks". Follow the instructions to upload your photo. Keep in mind that your photo must meet the following university requirements:

  • A current, colour, jpeg;
  • Centred on a plain background;
  • Head and shoulders only;
  • Eyes open and visible;
  • No hats or head covering unless used for religious purposes;
  • No filters or digitally enhanced images;
  • Minimum width and height of 425 x 425 pixels.

Replacement OneCard

To replace your OneCard:

  • Students may request a new card if their existing card is (lost, stolen or damaged).
  • Students who require a name change on their card should contact Records and Registration at
  • Visit Student Services in the Student Commons to request a replacement card and pay the $10.00 fee.
  • Your replacement OneCard will not work immediately: it takes approximately 24 hours for new cards to be activated.
  • If your OneCard access does not work within 3 days, contact