Foundation Fall Semester

Fall 2021 Foundation Registration

The registration opening date for Foundation students is 7:00AM (PDT) June 22.


Please read through the Registration and Fall Registration pages for important information on registration policies and procedures, in particular those referring to adding, dropping, withdrawing from classes, and refund policies.

Foundation Year Requirements

The Foundation Year is made up of 30 credits of studio and critical studies courses. To complete Foundation within an academic year, you must register for 15 credits each semester, Fall and Spring.

Fall Semester (15 credits)

Students register for these three Fall courses in June on the Foundation registration date (June 22):

  • HUMN 100 Academic Core I (6 credits)
  • FNDT 108 Creative Process (3 credits)
  • FNDT 165 Core Interdisciplinary Studio (6 credits)

3-credits = 3 hours per week of instruction; 6-credits = 6 hours per week of instruction.

Because it takes place on multiple days in the week, we recommend that you use your HUMN 100 course as your Fall registration starting point, and schedule FNDT 165 and FNDT 108 around it. 

Note: Some students will be required to take Intensive sections of HUMN 100 + HUMN 101. These include an additional Academic Foundations seminar to offer students extra academic support. If you are required to take an Intensive section, you will be informed at your Emily Carr email address by mid-June.

Students are required to enroll in Intensive Humanities unless they meet the following criteria:

  • they have completed four years of full-time study in English, and have completed a senior level English Literature course with a minimum percentage grade of 80; or Grade Point Average 3.33; or a letter grade B+; or International Baccalaureate grade 4 (Standard or Higher Level); or Advanced Placement grade of 3; or GSE/A-Level grade of B. An example of a 'senior English Literature course' is British Columbia's English 12. 
  • or they have studied in English and graduated from a recognized post-secondary diploma or degree program


Spring Semester (15 credits)

In November, students will register for Spring courses. Information on course selection and registration procedures will be provided to you in October in emails, workshops, and at the Foundation Forum.

  • HUMN 101 Academic Core II (6 credits)
  • Foundation Studio Elective (3 credits)
  • FNDT 001 Foundation Forum (automatic registration)

One Core Studio course (6 credits). Choose one of the following

  • FNDT 160 Core Media Studio (6 credits)
  • FNDT 161 Core Design Studio  (6 credits)
  • FNDT 164 Core Visual Arts (6 credits)

It is not necessary to take any particular course(s) in order to gain admission to your chosen major. Admission to all second-year majors is based on your cumulative GPA only. Foundation year is designed to introduce students to a breadth of materials and ideas, and you will not be limited if you use this time to explore!

Foundation Forum

You will be automatically registered in the Foundation Forum lecture series (FNDT 001). This year, the Foundation Forum will be offered asynchronously. Attendance is mandatory.

Speakers and guest artists and designers will present on a variety of topics, to get you thinking about your creative process and to inspire you. Forums will also cover important University program information. This is where you will find out about Spring registration, how to apply to second year, and hear from faculty in each major about what it is like to be a student in that area.

Notes taken during these lectures will be graded by your Foundation instructors, so it is important you attend.

Prior/Transfer Credit

If you have completed courses at another recognized college or university you will be evaluated for transfer credit. Granted transfer credit will be entered in your program evaluation on MyEC after we have received your final, official transcripts. If you have previously taken courses at Emily Carr, these will also be displayed in your program evaluation. Questions on prior studies and transfer credit can be sent to Academic Advising

Second Year Courses

Students who have completed the prerequisites for second year courses may register in 200-level courses. However, students will have to speak with an Academic Advisor in order to register.