Resources | Students' Union

Resources | Students' Union

The Emily Carr Students’ Union (ECSU) is an independent organization that strives to make the student experience at Emily Carr an excellent one. Full and part-time students at Emily Carr University are automatic members. The ECSU is #nottheuniversity and provides advocacy for students, hosts events, and supports important student collectives, clubs and initiatives. The Students’ Union also creates opportunities for members to meaningfully engage with University Deans and administrators.







The University collects Students' Union fees when tuition fees are assessed and collected. The Emily Carr Students' Union is an organization comprised of all registered full and part-time students at the University. The current Students’ Union fee is $14.76 per three-credit course, to a maximum of $73.80 per semester. These figures include CFS fees.


Originally named after Emily Carr’s pet Monkey, WOO Publication is Emily Carr’s Student publication showcasing student work from all disciplines including art, design, creative writing, media, illustration, and more. The publication aims to embrace the diverse stories of Emily Carr students. All students are encouraged to submit.

If you are interested in submitting your works or becoming involved please contact WOO at or visit


The Compass U Pass BC program is an integrated comprehensive transportation package that provides students in Metro Vancouver with universal, accessible and affordable access to public transit and other sustainable transportation programs. It is a mandatory program for all members of the Emily Carr Students’ Union and the program was approved via student referendum in October 2010. For more information on student eligibility and program conditions, please visit the Compass U Pass BC page.


On March 29 and 30, 2006, Emily Carr students voted to increase the Students' Union membership fees in order to provide an Extended Health and Dental Plan. The plan supplements basic provincial coverage (MSP-Medical Services Plan) with drug, paramedical, vision and dental coverage. The plan is mandatory for all students unless they already have extended health and dental coverage from another source (parent, spouse, employer). In this case students can choose to opt-out of the plan before the posted deadline. Students may also elect to remain on the Emily Carr plan and coordinate benefits between this plan and their other plans for maximum benefits coverage. Coverage is effective September 1 and terminates August 31.

Students who have coverage from another source and who wish to 'opt-out' of the Emily Carr plan may do so by visiting the Emily Carr Students' Union website. Proof of alternative coverage will be required and consists of the insurance company name, group or plan number. Students should be sure that they DO NOT give out their certificate ID, Social Insurance Number, or any other individual identifying number as this information is private and confidential.

For more information, visit


Emily Carr Students' Union Local 10 BC Federation of Students
Room B2189 (in cafeteria)
520 E. 1st Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5T 1A7
Phone: 604.844.3862