Compass U-Pass BC

What is Compass U-Pass BC?

Emily Carr University and the Emily Carr Students’ Union introduced the U-Pass BC program beginning in January 2011. As of May 1, 2015 this program was replaced by the Compass U-Pass BC Program. The Compass U-Pass BC program is an integrated comprehensive transportation package that provides students in Metro Vancouver with universal, accessible and affordable access to public transit and other sustainable transportation programs. It is a mandatory program for all members of the Emily Carr University Student Union. The program was approved via student referendum in October 2010.

All undergraduate and graduate students are automatically in the Compass U-Pass BC Program except for the following student categories:

  • Outgoing Exchange students
  • Students in programs that are not offered at the Great Northern Way campus (i.e., On Line Program students; Headstart in Art students)
  • MAA Low Residence program students (except for July)
  • Continuing Studies students

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Compass U-Pass BC Fee Assessment

The Compass U-Pass BC fee is assessed at the time of registration.

Compass U-Pass BC Fees

The Compass U-Pass BC is $41.00 per month until April 30, 2018.

You must be registered in at least 3 credits and pay your tuition and Compass U-Pass BC fees by the published fee payment deadline each term in order to remain eligible for a Compass U-Pass BC. Your fees DO NOT need to be paid in advance of the tuition deadline in order for you to pick up your pass.

For more information on student eligibility and program conditions, please visit the FAQ page.