INDD 310 - S031: Core Studio Industrial Design

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Topic: Design With More-Than-Human Species
This course encompasses design with more-than-humans, indigenous perspectives, and international collaboration, through a range of established and emerging design practices. How can we improve our relationships with other beings? The classroom will be outdoors, online from your homes, and on campus. Outdoor workshops will be created by students to teach students. Projects will be expanded and grounded through round table conversations with Connie Watts of the ECUAD Aboriginal Gathering Place. Toward the end of the semester, students will be sharing projects online with peers from the Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand who will be exploring design for species guardianship (called kaitiakitanga in Maori). Preliminary research will be structured and guided, but final projects will be self-directed through small group discussions and one-on-one meetings with faculty. This prepares students for independent work in 4th year. The course begins with students researching and choosing an animal or plant species that they will champion throughout the semester. They will research the health and needs of that being, the ecosystem they live within, and map the range of human activities that integrate with, impede, or support the flourishing of that species. They will then move to their self-directed final project, exploring a number of design approaches to improve human relationships with that species. Design projects or outcomes on behalf of the chosen species may encompass: Social Innovations for Sustainability (DESIS); Design for Behaviour Change; Site Interventions/installations; Speculative Design; Exhibition Design; Installation Design; Design as Storytelling; Design Activism; Other (as suggested by students, or as emergent from the process); And, of course… design as design.


INDD-300 Core Studio in Industrial Design

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HYBRID course.
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Jan 4-Apr 16
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