CEID 262: Marker Rendering

Marker is a professional and versatile media to render designs. In this course, you will learn to produce renderings starting from the manipulations of material finishes (wood, stone, metal, glass and others) to a finished presentation of a design concept in a progressive sequence through lectures, demonstrations, and in-class assignments. Medium covered: markers, pastels, felt pens, coloured pencils and gouache paints. Techniques covered: blending of colours, render materials and reflections, backgrounds using tones and gradation. Applicable to anyone wishing to enhance their skills in presentation drawings for communication design, architecture, industrial design, furniture and interior design, illustration and animation.



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Rendering Demo for Jewellery Design Students



Rendering Demo for Jewellery Design Students: marker + pastel + felt-pen + gouache on grey paper

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Display-Exhibit for Radio Station Opening Ceremony: from design ideation sketches & renderings (colour schemes) to production (construction of the exhibit).

Design Sketch(es): Felt pen

Rendering: Marker

Production Piece using MDF, studs, latex paint, vinyl lettering...

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Products: Toy Vehicles



Design Project from Concept Ideation, design development, engineering refinements, mock-ups to post-production follow-ups (1988 to 1990)

- Rendering done with marker & mixed media on grey paper

Re: Items shown are production pieces.

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Rendering with Markers, Demo Pieces


Rendering with Markers CEID262

This course was started 1998, covers the manipulations of marker (plus pastels, felt pen) to render different materials & finishes from Wood, Stones, Metals to Glass & More.

Pieces shown were in-class demo renderings created 2004 to 2008.

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