Demo Pieces

Intro to Model Making, Demo Pieces


Introduction to Model-Making CEID224, covers :

- Manipulation of Block Material (Styrofoam)

- Manipulation of Sheet Materials (Styrene)

Pieces shown are in-class Demonstrations created 2005 - 2012

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Rapid Visualization Course, Demo Pieces


Rapid Visualization CEID160

This course was started 1998, covers the techniques to produce "cool" sketches & basic renderings for products, furniture & varies objects.

The pieces shown are in-class demonstrations created from 2006 to 2010


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Rendering with Markers, Demo Pieces


Rendering with Markers CEID262

This course was started 1998, covers the manipulations of marker (plus pastels, felt pen) to render different materials & finishes from Wood, Stones, Metals to Glass & More.

Pieces shown were in-class demo renderings created 2004 to 2008.

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Design Sketching Course, Demo Pieces


Design Sketching CEID260

This course was started 1998, focus on Design using Sketches:  explore & develop alternatives through variations of shapes & forms, materials, functions and other "Categories of Design Ideation".

Finalized concept(s) can be refined quickly and evolve into Presentable Sketches.

Pieces shown are Demo from previous years.


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