Speaking and Curating


Guest Curator, Interactive Futures’11:Animal Influence. 2 DAY Conference, 2 exhibitions, performances, and screenings. Wrote and was awarded SSHRC funding for this iteration of IF’11. NOV 17-19.

Presenter, “Animal Influence” Interactive Futures’11: Animal Influence. Intersections Digital Studio, ECUAD, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Nov. 17-19.


Panelist "Placing the Human: a Roundtable Discussion" University College, University of Toronto. March 2010.

Speaker "The Lives of Animals in Art." Department of Art Speaker Series, University of Santa Barbara, USA. April, 2010.


Presenter "The Lives of Animals in Art" on the Global Media Space Panel at Minding Animals: The 2009 International Academic & Community Conference on Animals & Society.Newcastle, Australia. July 2009.

Presenter "Critical Animal Studies" at Minding Animals: The 2009 International Academic & Community Conference on Animals & Society.Newcastle, Australia. July 2009.

Presenter "The Reconfiguration of Animals: Ethical issues in database aesthetics" on the Database Aesthetics PANEL at College Art Association 2009 Conference, Los Angeles, Feb. 2009.


Presenter "The Case for Critical Animal Studies" at Giving Voice to Other Beings at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. May 2-4, 2008. (authored with Steven Best, PhD).

Opening Keynote “The Case for Critical Animal Studies” (a keynote with Dr. Steven Best) at the 6th Annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies & 2nd Annual Green Theory and Praxis Conference at Montana State University. Feb. 22-24, 2008.


Presenter "The Soul of the Brute" at Nature Matters Conference 2007. Materiality and the More-than-Human in Cultural Studies of the Environment
Toronto, Ontario,October 25-28, 2007

Presenter "Code ≠ Informatics ≠ Animals" at SLSA '07:CODE.
Twenty-First Annual Conerence of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Portland, Maine, November 1-4, 2007

Presenter “Sustaining Creativity and Losing the Wild” The Planetary Collegium/Montreal 2007 Summit. April 19-22.

Presenter “Animal Pleasure/Human Desire” Kindred Spirits, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. September 7-9.
Lead Speaker, UCLA Art|Science center presents: Genetic Technologies & Animals UCLA Design/Media Department, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA. Archived stream:

Opening Keynote “The power of the non-human”, New Forms Festival 05: Eco-systems, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC. September 16-18.
Panelist "Beings in Common: Embodiment and Interconnectedness” New Forms Festival 05 Eco-systems, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC. Septemeber 16-18.
Keynote “Leonardo’s choice: the ethics of artists working with genetic technologies.” Interactive Futures 05, Victoria International Film Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada. February, 4-6.
Panel Chair “The Bio-question.” Interactive Futures 05, Victoria International Film Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada. February, 4-6.
Invited Speaker University of the Arts, Sponsored by the Multimedia Department, Philadelphia, PA.

Presenter "The Ethical Subject: ethics and subjectivity in the interactive work of Char Davies and Toni Dove." Gender, Subjectivity, Embodiment and the Transformation of Cinematic Practice in Contemporary New Media Art: Exploring the Interactive Work of Char Davies, Toni Dove and Zoe Beloff. Univeristy of Montreal, Montreal, Canada.April 29.

Presenter "This Crazy, Mixed Up, F--ked-up World" Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada.
Moderator “Cyberfeminism,” New Forms Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Panelist "Cyborgs and Ethics," in conjunction with the exhibition "The Uncanny: Experiments in Cyborg Culture. Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada.
Panelist "The Journey to Journey" in conjunction with the exhibition, Journey. Surrey Art Gallery, BC, Canada.
Presenter " Art and Design Explorations in New Media." New Media Consortium Conference 2002. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA.
Presenter "Animal Minds and Artistic Involvement in Bio-genetics." Department of Visual Arts, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 2001

Moderator “The Technological Interface: Four artists’ approaches to interactivity.” Panel in The Body, Mind Technology series Simon Fraser University, Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Presenter "Animal Minds and Artistic Involvement in Bio-genetics." President's Lecture Series. Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Invited Speaker “Growing Things: 2000” Banff Center for the Arts Summit, June 1-4, 2000.Banff, Alberta , Canada.
Invited Speaker “The Contested Journey: Embodiment and Cyberspace” with Jennifer Cobb and Char Davies. Planetworks: Conference on Ecology and Information Technology, May 12 14, 2000, San Francisco, CA. USA.
Respondent "Nature in the Microchip: Art and Artificial Life" at CAA2000: 88th Annual Conference of the College Art Association, New York, USA.1999


Keynote Speaker (1999), “Educational New Media: A Strategy Session.” Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Canada.
Keynote Speaker “Teaching Towards the Future.” at CADE99: the Third Annual Conference on Computers and Art and Design Education. University of Teeside, UK.
Panelist “The Aesthetics of Virtual Environments and Our Place in Nature.” Abstracts 1999: College Art Associations’ 87th Annual Conference, Los Angeles , California on the “Artists on the ‘New Frontier’: Virtual Realities.” panel.

Presenter “The Metaphoric Environment of Art and Technology.” Consciousness Reframed: Second International CAiiA (Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts) Research Conference. University of Wales College, Newport.
Respondent “Advancing Neo-Colonialism: Emerging Theory and the Changing Work of Art in the Age of Information Technology.” at CAA98: 86th Annual Conference of the College Art Association, Toronto, Canada.

Panelist “Is Electronic Art Changing Aesthetics or is That Just a Figment of the Electronic Imagination.” at Connections:SECAC/MACAA College Art Conference, Richmond, Virginia. USA
Presenter “The Diverse Meanings of Artificial Life,” at ISEA97:International Symposium on Electronic Art at the The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. USA
Keynote Speaker “What is consciousness for?” at Consciousness Reframed:art and consciousness in the post-biological era. at the Center for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts. University of Wales College, Newport, UK.
Presenter “Technology, Art Education and Internet” at the National Art Education Association Conference, New Orleans, LA. USA
Presenter “Ethical Questions about Artificial Life:applications for artists” in Roy Ascott (Session Chair), “The Artificial Life Class”, 85th Annual Conference at the College Art Association held in New York, USA.With Matthew Lewis.

Herbert Zipper Keynote Speaker “The Arts, Education and Technology” at the 59th National Conference of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts.
Invited Speaker “The Interactive Art Museum”, at the Total Museum Conference at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Invited Speaker Ethics and Virtual Reality Symposium, The University of Michigan.
Presenter, ISEA 96, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, “Bridge To, Bridge From: Arts, Education and Technology.”
Invited Speaker Life, Sex, and Death in the Digital World. New School for Social Research, New York City. Funded by the New School, Creative Time, Inc. and Thread-Waxing Space.
Co-Curator ACMSIGGRAPH Art Show 96, “The Bridge”, Exhibition of 32 interactive computer-mediated works to be held concurrently at the Contemporary Art Center of
New Orleans and the New Orleans Convention Center. July-August

Invited Speaker Ethics and Technology, St Francis College, Fort Wayne, Indiana,. Funded by a grant from the Lily Foundation.
Panel Chair, ISEA 95, International Symposium on Electronic Art, 1995, “Gender and Technology: What Problem?”
Invited Speaker “The ethical life of the digital aesthetic.” The Digital Dialectic: Conference on Technology, Media, and Theory, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.
Invited Speaker Technology Education Program for Teachers, 95, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH:, “The World Wide Web.”
Invited Speaker Multimedia 95, Toronto, Canada, “Virtual Environments for Education, the Arts and Communications: Issues in Design and Development.”
Co-presenter NAEA 95, National Art Education Association Conference, Houston, Texas, with Mary Leigh Morbey, “Taking Responsibility for the Social Relations of Science, Technology, and the Electronic Arts.”
Co-presenter AERA 95, American Educational Research Association Conference, San Francisco, California, with Mary Leigh Morbey, “Taking Responsibility for the Social Relations of Science, Technology, and the Electronic Arts.”
Invited Panelist Columbus College of Art and Design, 1994, Columbus, OH, “Ethics and Aesthetics of the Interactive Interface.”

Invited Panelist ISEA 94, International Symposium on Electronic Art, August, 1994, Helsinki, Finland. “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”.
Co-presenter NAEA 94, National Art Education Association Conference, Baltimore, MD., with Anthony Scott and Vesta Daniel. “Cultural Issues in Interactive Technologies.”

Presenter FISEA 93 Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art, November,1993, Minneapolis Institute of Fine Arts, “Aesthetics of a Virtual World.”

Invited Speaker Currently Grounded: Department of Art Symposium on Art and Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September, 1992.

Invited Speaker Comparisons, Connections, and Separations Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, Virginia. 1983. Connected with participation in the exhibit.
Invited Speaker National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC. 1981. Lectured on Printmaking for the National Aesthetic Education Learning Center.

  • The essay "Animal Influence", introduces the ANIMAL INFLUENCE double issue of ANTENNAE: Journal of Nature in the Visual Art documenting and reflecting on the Interactive Futures11: Animal Influence Conference, Exhibitions, Screenings and Performances at ECUAD in November 2011. The first issue, Issue 21, Summer 2012 may be found here.
  • Interview with Marc Bekoff, Keynote Speaker at Interactive Futures11: Animal Influence, Antennae:Journal of Nature in Visual Art, Issue 21, Summer, 2012. (forthcoming).
  • Guest Curator, Interactive Futures11: Animal Influence. Conference, exhibtions, screenings and performances. ECUAD, Vancouver, BC. Nov 17-19.
  • Gigliotti, C. " Heartburn: Indigestion, Contention and Animals in Contemproary Art." Antennnae: Journal of Nature in Visual Culture. 14/Autumn 2010, 25-33.
  • Moderator, "Non Linear Story Telling" The International Digital Media Arts Association Conference 2010 Vancouver, BC. Nov 4-6.
  • "Animals and Art" Department of Art, University of California, Santa Barbara. April 29, 2010.
  • "Placing the Human: Roundtable with Phiip Beesley, Char Davies, Carol Gigliotti, and Jeff Malpas" Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto. March 26, 2010.

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