Ivan Elizabeth Coyote Aiyyana Maracle
Lorena Gale Archer Pechawis
The following writings from some of the artists involved with Halfbred are not so much meant to explain what Halfbred was about, as to allow a bit more of a personal insight into what these issues mean to the artist. First and foremost, it needs to be clearly stated that this is not a document with any "acedemic" pretences, attempting to 'prove' something about the issues presented. Most of the 'indisputible truths' contained in what currently passes for intellectual debate or theorization on our lives, and raison d'etre, have been 'discovered' and written about by those from the outside , peering in at 'us'. For too long, these acedemic tomes and format have been the only legitimate source of a definative reality or truth. The collective mindset of present society needs to be de - colonized; certainly those of the colonized, but more importantly, the colonizers and their heirs. As a gal in the midst of still reclaiming her full identity, the truths and realities presented to me in the whispers and dreams from my Totahs, are clearer to me than these dead-word images that have been filtered through even the most well intentioned of European eyes and pens. 
No offense intended.