3 minutes

the first in a series to study the epitome of character from 0 to 3. pierce initiates with the anxiety to create a personifiable thing.

the labour of time works on soft metal as a creature comes to life. never does a hand touch the objects during animation. the RUEbot twists and turns the wiry armature to generate the motion. gravity does the rest.

the work challenges notions of dramatic space without the use of a conflict; the plight for character comes from the viewer's need to personify inanimate objects.

necessary for the conclusion is the knowledge that the desire for character, in itself, contains all aspects of character.


pierce evolved from the idea that from a single point we push into the resilience of paper to etch a picture. from this crumpled abstract image we measure the presence of our souls. this act of creation guides as well as follows the spirit of self. from here a character is inevitable.